Sabatino C. Santarpia

For a trustworthy attorney with impressive experience in many areas of litigation, look no further than Sabatino C. Santarpia. He takes pride in his immense work ethic and relentless approach to every case for each client. When it comes to legal matters, don’t take chances with an attorney you cannot trust; instead, call Sabatino C. Santarpia for a reliable lawyer who will put your needs and concerns at the forefront of his legal strategy, customized for you.

No matter which area of law you are seeking representation, Mr. Santarpia is well equipped to take on a variety of battles for you. He is a general practice attorney that is skilled in defending clients in areas such as:

  • Criminal Defense: Violations, Misdemeanors, and Felonies
  • Divorce: Highly Contested Divorce Litigation or Amicable Uncontested/Mediation Divorce
  • Family Law: Custody, Visitation, Modifications, Child Support, and Paternity
  • Civil Litigation, Personal Injury and the commencement and defense of lawsuits for individuals and corporate entities.
  • General Practice – Real Estate law including closings and landlord or tenant issues and family planning.

For every client and case, Mr. Santarpia takes the due diligence plus the extra time necessary to ensure each aspect of the client’s side is effectively and thoroughly explored to ensure comprehensive representation. You can rest assured that he will not take you case lightly – he will fight for you, no matter how big or small the battle is. Mr. Santarpia is aggressive, and his legal knowledge propels him above others, giving you the best attorney you could want on your side.

Not only does he treat every client as if he or she was his only client, but he is also well-respected in all courts of law. Mr. Santarpia is dedicated to providing you with the defense you deserve, whether you’re seeking representation as a criminal, or against an ex in a divorce, or simply in any matter that requires legal interaction.

Mr. Santarpia has a strong track record of satisfied clients thanks to his successful trial experience. If you are in the Buffalo, NY, area or a surrounding town, and you are seeking legal representation, do not hesitate to give us a call today. Sabatino C. Santarpia is eager to speak with you and determine what type of legal strategy is most successful for your individual circumstance. No legal battle is fun, but without the proper representation, your litigation experience can leave you devastated. Don’t make that mistake. Call us today so we may discuss your case, and Sabatino C. Santarpia will provide the professional and successful litigation services you need.