A divorce is one of the most difficult things a person can go through, both emotionally and legally. Along with ending a long-term relationship that was a substantial part of your life, you must open up the details of you and your partner’s finances, including money in the bank, properties, and other assets. Working with an attorney who has led clients through the process many times before can greatly ease the burden of divorce, at least on the legal side. Mr. Santarpia of Santarpia Law has helped many clients get through their divorces by the simplest legal means possible.

Amicable/Uncontested Divorces and Mediation

Most people going through a divorce would like to do it as painlessly as possible, and that can be most effectively done by working out an agreement with your partner behind closed doors. If you and your partner can come to terms regarding the separation of assets, living arrangements, and other issues, you will not have to involve the courts at all. Whatever agreement you come to will be legally-binding, and it keeps the circumstances and outcome of your divorce private. Even when you desire to come to a peaceful resolution, though, you need someone on your side fighting for your interests. Mr. Santarpia can represent you in uncontested divorces, and throughout the mediation process.

Highly Contested Divorce Litigation

While most everyone would like to think they can work out the details of their divorce with their soon-to-be ex-spouse, reality isn’t always so simple. When one of you wants a divorce, and the other doesn’t, or when you cannot work out an agreement when it comes to assets, the debate may have to go to court. Taking a divorce to court is in your best interest any time you believe that the outcome of mediation will result in you having to compromise more than you want to or in you not getting your rightful share of assets. Mr. Santarpia will help you go through your finances and assets, and determine what you can expect to receive in accordance with the law. If your ex-partner will not agree to this in mediation, Mr. Santarpia will take the matter to court, fighting for your fair share.

Divorce is something no one wants to go through, but that a large number of individuals face every year. Based out of Buffalo, Mr. Santarpia serves clients in Buffalo and surrounding counties.

He will do what he can to make the legal process as easy as possible, informing you of all your options and ensuring you know what you deserve. Contact him today.