Client Reviews

Best Attorney

I was very lucky when my good friend recommended Sabby Santarpia to take my case , he sincerely has your best interest in mind the second I hired him I felt at ease and knew everything was going to be ok. Highly recommend Sabby!

– Anonymous (July 2022)

Amazing Lawyer who fights for Justice

I have known Sabby for many years , but it wasn’t until I had a bad call made by the local police who thought they had made a good man look bad. It was then I saw Sabby in action for the first time, He dug deep to understand the exact facts , and never went out of bounds with harsh questions, and when the day finally arrived to present my case- I can only say that he reminded me of a top prize fighter who counters with words like hard jabs, but if you leave your guard down – well lights out!

I won the case with less than three minutes of waiting for the Judge, and thanks to him, at age 63, I’ve never been in jail, or ever would consider doing something wrong against anyone, except truthfully maybe helping someone. I am a free man, and I have it all with great thanks to him, I would recommend him to anyone who is not guilty of what they are being accused of- but , know he is not only a great lawyer, but ethical and fair.

I do not consider him just a lawyer, I consider him not only a friend, but someone a person can count on to have your back.

– Richard

One word … AMAZING!!!!

Super down to earth, understanding and intelligent highly recommend… he was able to bring my family back together again

– Courtney (July 2022)


Sabby always kept in contact and responded quickly and was so caring and helpful. He treated me and my family like we were important

– Jessica (July 2022)

Sabbi Santarpia

I write this with the best regards of Sabby Santarpia. He is an outstanding man genuinely concerned about you and your legal situation. Personal and caring approach you will feel he gives you the best legal advise as I did; Apprehensive about buying my first home and dealing with another legal matter.

Sabby Santarpia is on your team no matter what the circumstances always rooting for you and reaching out. Efficient with great attention to details nothing is left unturned. Trustworthy you will feel that your needs are taken care of with your best interest at hand. Sabby Santarpia is wonderful. He is versatile with legal issues which makes him increasingly knowledgeable in many areas as areas may overlap. If you are in need of any legal work he is the man to seek out, he is amazing.

– Cindy

From Dr Nick

The personalized, caring attentiveness to our issues and legal matters is beyond compare. Appreciated

– Nick (July 2022)

Great Attorney

Very compassionate and caring, goes the extra mile for his clients

– Susan

Proffessional services

Sabby is top of his game on all cases he has ever taken on for me, my family, or my businesses. His professionalism makes you feel very comfortable working with him. I would never consider talking to any other attorney.

– Tom

Great Attorney

Sabby did a great job. I was under pressure for time and he got the job done before I left for out of town. I would highly recommend his services.

– George

Trustworthy and honest

Mr. Santarpia came highly recommended by someone I know. I was very pleased with his promptness. He was able to complete my divorce sooner than I expected. In addition to my divorce case, he also took over my family court case that had been started before I met him. During a very difficult time for myself and my family, he made me feel at ease. My case had reached a happy resolution and I now feel a sense of relief. I would definitely recommend Mr. Santarpia for representation. He is prompt, trustworthy. and honest. He will fight as hard as he can for his client(s) just as he did for me!

– Posted by a client – August 5, 2015

A man of his word and work.

Mr. Santarpia stood by me the whole way through trail. He fought for me even when odds where stacked against me. This is someone you want on your side. He does not judge you by the allegations placed against you, but by the character that you show yourself to be. He does not rest until his client receives the best.

– Posted by a client – February 25, 2015


He is very professional, did his best to put an end to my divorce and I would recommend him to every one looking for a well knowledgeable and fair lawyer.

– Berty

A Great Lawyer

Sabby is my lawyer, I use him for real estate, leases, and tenant disputes. He gives great advice and I am very happy to recommend him to others. I was referred to Sabby by another lawyer, trusting his referral I have been hiring Sabby now for almost 4 years.

– Patrick


Honestly, we were shocked to find a lawyer that went above and beyond the call of duty. I say it in that way because our case was highly sensitive and involved a disabled veteran. Very seriously, he left no stone un-turned. He was not intimidated by the opposition. He did the necessary fact finding that had to be done. He was able to work with all kinds of personalities. Nothing slipped through the cracks.

He communicated well. Above all he is TRUST-WORTHY. Lawyers are often referred to as snakes and manipulative. SABBY IS CUT FROM A DIFFERENT CLOTH. He is what all lawyers should strive to be professionally and personally. I have referred him to others and will continue to do so without reservation or hesitation. If you need a lawyer who will be straight with you and will do the what it takes to win then forget the TV lawyers and their big promise campaigns… go with the guy who will defend you like family. You can’t put a price on that.

– Posted by Corrin – February 4, 2016